Does My Roof Need to be Replaced Before I Sell

Does My Roof Need to be Replaced Before I Sell?

Making the choice to sell your home means that every decision from there on out will impact how well it turns out. You must be smart about updates and repairs in order to maximize profitability. While it’s a common misconception that only visual updates sell well, it’s actually important structural items that are most important. This means your roof. 

Signs You Probably Need a New Roof

A roof that is irreparably faulty will rapidly diminish the value and appeal of a home. You may be wondering if your roof falls under this category. Consider the following to determine if your roof may be in need replacement: 

It’s maxing out its lifespan— The mileage for roofs varies based on a variety of factors, including the materials used to build it in the first place. This means that there’s no definitive number of years we can give you, however, an expert roofing inspector can come out and let you know how things look. If your current roof is aging out, it should definitely be replaced prior to putting it on the market. Additionally, an inspector most likely will not pass the roof if it’s at this point. 

Multiple repairs have taken place already— A quality, properly installed roof should not require multiple repairs unless there’s been outside damage sustained. However, if the roof was incorrectly installed, then there are inevitable problems with leaks and caving, which certainly require repairs. A professional inspector from Spec can come check it out and tell you if the roof was installed correctly, and if there’s a reason to replace it. 

High utility bills— A failing roof can cause utility bills to be much higher than average, so compare yours to your neighbors and see if there are discrepancies. Buyers will always avoid energy inefficient homes, so a replacement is absolutely necessary prior to listing. 

An Investment Worth Making

New roofs are expensive, but there is a solid ROI that hovers around 60%, so it’s worth it. Spec Roofs is here to let you know if a new roof is the best step for you and will have it installed in no time. 

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