Will I Know If My Roof Has Been Damaged Following A Storm?

Will I Know If My Roof Has Been Damaged Following A Storm?

There’s been an intense storm in your area! The yard is a terrible mess, but the family is okay and your house appears unscathed…but did the roof make it out alright? You’re wondering how you can even tell, or if this is a job for a professional. 

While it may seem difficult to figure by yourself, there are some signs you can lookout for to decide your next step. 

Look For Obvious Signs First

There are cases where damage is clear and you immediately recognize there might be a bigger issue. This includes: 

  • Spots where water is showing on the ceiling
  • Damaged/destroyed/missing roof shingles
  • Wet walls or peeling paint
  • Roof flashing that looks to be damaged or broken 
  • Water pooling on the roof or around the home
  • Trees or large branches on the roof 

These are things you can take note of immediately and recognize that a professional needs to be brought in to take a look at what repairs need to be made. However, there could be less conspicuous things that you haven’t noticed yet. 

Less Apparent, Visible Signs of Damage

Assuming you’re not a roofing professional, there are smaller signs that you can safely look for. We use the word “safely” because it can be extremely dangerous to venture up onto a roof yourself. Leave that part up to our professionals. With that in mind, here a few things you can spot from the ground:

  • Buildup of granules or damage to asphalt shingles 
  • Flashing that has come loose or is missing along the roof, skylights, chimneys or vents
  • Peeling or loose sealant along the roof, skylights, chimney, or vents
  • Water damage inside the attic 

Call In An Inspector

Often, roof damage cannot simply be seen from the ground or without a professional eye. Spec has certified roof inspectors that will take a look and tell you exactly what needs to be done, if anything, to get your roof in working order. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of extreme weather you may have experienced, regular roof inspections are crucial to extending the life of your roof and saving you money. Contact us today to have one of our certified roofing inspectors come out and take a look!

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