Does Insurance Cover A New Roof

Does Insurance Cover A New Roof?

Insurance companies almost view roofs as one of the most important aspects of your home. They are used to protect the home and the people inside from natural elements, while also giving the insurance company protection from paying out high sums of money for interior destruction due to flooding and other disasters. They know the the potential for high-cost damage if a roof is not properly repaired or replaced, so they do what they can to get it taken care of quickly. 

However, over the years, insurers have come to be restrictive with roofing coverage, and have begun to refuse to cover aging roofs. This may have brought you here, wondering if your roof is even covered in the event that you need a new one.  

What Roof Damages Does Insurance Cover?

Typically, dwelling coverage that is included in your homeowners insurance policy protects the total structure of your home from common issues due to wind, fire and hail. So if your roof catches on fire from a lightning strike or gets holes due to intense hail, you’ll most likely be at least partially covered by insurance. 

What About the Deductible?

It’s very likely that you will have a deductible for roof repair or replacement. Each policy is unique, but there is usually a deductible that has to be paid prior to the insurance company paying out for any repairs or a replacement. Additionally, there may be a coverage limit, so it’s imperative that you fully understand your insurance policy. This ensures that you are fully aware of what to expect. It is also possible that your policy has exclusions for certain damage, including fire or wind, so be sure you know what your it says before making any commitments.

Do They Cover Leaks?

Assuming there are no exclusions in the insurance policy, you should be at least partially covered if you have a leaky roof that was caused by an event such as hail, wind or fire.

What’s Not Covered?

With each policy being different, we can’t tell you certainly what isn’t covered for you specifically. However, we can tell you what is typically not covered by insurance. Average wear and tear and neglect are the most common scenarios not covered when it comes to roofs. Because of this, you need to find out the cause of your roofing issues prior to making contact with your insurance company so you know exactly what’s going on. Spec Roofs provides quality roofing inspections so you are fully aware of your issues and their causes. Contact us today for an inspection and detailed report on your roof! 

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